Serving the Plumbing Retail Repair Industry for over 65 years!

With over 65 years of experience in the distribution, retail hardware and plumbing industry, Thrifty Supply Co. with their SNAPLOC brand offers a complete range of PVC Pipe Repair Solutions. These products come with retail-ready display packaging and improved merchandising solutions.

At Thrifty Supply Company, we combine superior design and engineering with high-quality manufacturing standards and rigorous-quality assurance to provide a range of products to produce quality, performance, and durability.


  • Gary Podany

    Gary Podany

    General Manager
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    Shaz Khan

    Product Manager
  • Shaz

    Jerry Brown

    National Sales Manager
  • Shaz

    Larry Moore

    Territory Sales Manager
  • Laura Shelly

    Laura Shelly

    Customer Services
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    Erica Hernandez

    Customer Services